Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I love tidbit posts...a great way for me to organize my thoughts and give you a glimpse in my crazymind at times....

*This morning I took Emersyn to the Dr. She woke up cranky this morning which is unusual for her. I heard her awake in her room at about 6 which is also unusual and she didn't fuss or anything until about 8:30 so I am not sure if she ever really fell back asleep which could have contributed to her cranky-ness. Poor girl though, she was just so whiny and wanted to be held and when I wasn't holding her to blow dry my hair she just laid on the ground all pitiful. I decided to be safer then sorry and skipped playgroup to go to our wonderful dr's office where they gave her a clean bill of health. Isn't that always how it is? She had no fever, lungs sounded fine and her tummy seemed fine too. I am comforted that a dr. officially told me that she is fine though....always good reassurance.

*My mind is racing with LOTS of things to do before we leave for our trip at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I am going to put Ems to sleep in her clothes for the plane and that way we can just get her up and leave at 6:45am without having to get her dressed. I will change her diaper and comb her hair which should take all of 2 minutes. I have a couple things to grab at the store that my parents requested I bring because they don't have them there. The good news is, we are going to my parents house and if I forget anything, it can be bought or replaced. (With the exception of my make up which I forgot at Christmas time...that won't be happening again!!!!) I have a list going and it's going to be all good. I am determined to NOT overpack....it is Minnesota and I am not going to be doing anything that requires 10 pairs of shoes or dressy clothes. I am going basic and preparing to do laundry while we're there. (I'm totally talking to myself in this post, bear with me).

*I bought Emersyn a shirt for her second birthday that is just over a month away. It is another "Birthday Girl" T-shirt, similar to last year. I think it will be really cute and I have some cute polka dotted shorts that I think will match and go with her "bubbles" theme. I am hoping to take pictures for her invite when we get to MN and maybe even mail out the invites while we're there.

*Today I was in the bathroom and I weighed myself with Emersyn next to me. When I got off, she said "my turn" and got on the scale. She cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Whenever we have a long trip and have to leave early, I let him do the first leg in his PJ's. Then on our layover I'll change him into his regular clothes. I think they are still little enough to do that ;) I hope you have a GREAT trip friend and I'm glad Ems is healthy!

Jules said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your mind. I have to talk to myself like that too.

I can't wait to see some pics from her birthday. Fun stuff.