Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} I am addicted to Starbucks treat receipts. It's like a $2 coupon for a drink equals a free drink in my mind. I simply cannot let one go to waste and if it does, I feel like I threw away money. Starbucks, your marketing ploy has totally worked on me. Rats.
{2} Yesterday I went on a pretty long bike ride. Today my lady parts are sore. Oy.
{3} I am a reformed Chipotle hater. I used to despise it because of their extensive use of cilantro, which is the weed of the devil in my opinion. But then I discovered the burrito bowl and better yet, I discovered that it can be split between two adults and provide a great portion for dinner. And even better yet, we discovered that kids eat free on Sunday. Score. I do get a cilantro induced bite every once in awhile but I just take it for the team since Brett LOVES it.
{4} Highlight of my weekend: Emersyn came up to me in the kitchen and grabbed my leg and said "got you"!!! Then she looked up at me and very lovingly said, "mommy...i yuv youuu". I think it was the first time she has said it to me without me prompting her. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.
{5} I ate a pound of ranier cherries over the course of two evenings. They are delicious and seasonal and I don't feel bad for one second.
{6} On Friday we went to Trader Joes and stocked up on "treats" for Emersyn for the plane. I am not above bribing her into good behavior on an airplane. It's called survival. At Christmas time when we flew I wanted to hide in the plane's bathroom, curl up in the fetal position and sleep for the entire flight to escape my daughter's crazy behavior. I'd like to say this time around will be different. We got her some organic crackers that are like Ritz Bitz, some banana chips, some trail mix, and I might even get her a sucker too. I also got her a Mickey Mouse book from Costco that has one of those magnetic drawing boards on it too. I am a little nervous, can you tell? :) This will be her sixth trip on an airplane, lucky girl. I didn't fly in an airplane until I was about 11.
{7} I have 10,662 unread messages in my email. I have issues permanently deleting things apparently. A lot of it is real estate stuff though. That number overwhelms me a bit.
{8} I got a housesitter for our trip, not because we *need* one but because I wanted to be forced to clean before we leave. Coming home to a clean house is SO much nicer then not.


Melissa said...

AWW, this is cute!! Love what Emersyn said to you! But omg, i could not deal w/ that email inbox! I get a message, label it, put it in a folder or delete it! LOL.

sister sheri said...

So funny! Throughout the year I would accumulate little toys that I would semi-wrap and give to Christopher throughout the flight. Call it bribing... I don't care. I call it sanity!