Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding!

Last Friday was Emersyn's second flower girl event. Of course I have to share some pictures and let you know how it all went! :)

At the rehearsal, feeling very proud of herself for walking down the aisle. :)

Killin' time on Mommy's iPhone while the practice continued.

As I posted last Friday, Emersyn threw up on Friday morning and I was a FRANTIC mess for the entire day, just ask my husband. She has never thrown up before and I kept having these awful thoughts of her throwing up while walking down the aisle or worse yet, while the bride or groom were holding her. Of course I was concerned for her well being and health, but there were logistics to worry about too. Brett kept telling me to relax but I just couldn't. If worse came to worse, she just wouldn't be in the wedding but that would have been SUCH a bummer. She did fine for the rest of the day but wouldn't eat much. The only thing I could get her to eat at home was frozen blueberries and then I was scared she was going to barf those up but she didn't, hallelujah. She even laid on my bed while I got ready and watched TV, something she has never really done before. I struggled with knowing whether to try to get her to eat something or to not push it in case she was still sick. Finally right before the wedding she ate some banana and a kids clif bar. I prayed that it would stay down and it did. She was REALLY tired before the wedding and seemed a little out of it but then started to perk up once the banana hit her system I think.

Waiting for the wedding to start seemed to take FOREVER with two kinda restless toddlers. I think my friend Jonette (Estella's mom) and I totally bonded through this experience, ha! Once the wedding started, I went to sit in the church so that I could meet the girls at the end of the aisle.

My pretty girl.

Can I just tell you that Emersyn and Stella did AMAZING!?!? A good friend of mine snapped this picture and I think they look angelic. The girls held hands the entire way and walked kinda slow, stopping to smile at everyone. Stella is the social butterfly out of the two of them so she would totally stop and smile and Emersyn would tug her hand and keep them walking. They were precious and I totally got misty eyed. Watching my daughter walk as a flower girl was a dream come true for me. Not that I have always dreamed of her being a flower girl specifically, just I was so grateful to be celebrating the marriage of some good friends and watching my little blessing of a daughter be healthy and strong enough to even walk down an aisle. Oh the things we take for granted. Anyways, they walked all the way down the aisle perfectly and my heart was overflowing with joy.

Emersyn and daddy walking to the reception downtown.

Wendy & Tyler, the beautiful couple.

I had made arrangements for Brett's parents to take Emersyn home after the reception so that Brett and I could stay and enjoy the party. Emersyn was getting really tired and June offered to take her home a little earlier but I asked that she wait until the dancing started because I just wanted to dance one song with her and Brett. Okay, when the fast music came on, something came over my daughter and she turned into a dancing machine. She ran onto the dance floor and was twirling and clapping and raising the roof, it was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! She totally got a second wind and she danced to ALL of the fast songs with everyone. I loved this picture of her and Tyler below, dancing away.

I am so thankful to Tyler and Wendy for including us on their big day. It was a joyful occassion and I am blessed to have friends in mine and Emersyn's life that are such quality people. :)


Tyler said...

I have been waiting on these pics for a few days ;) SOOO glad it went well. She looked just gorgeous!! What a wonderful day!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

ummm ADORABLE. glad she did amazing for the wedding and she is feeling better. looked like a beautiful wedding. emersyn is a blessed girl to have all of these people:)

New England Girl said...

WOW - I LOVE those dresses. Emersyn looks so sweet in hers. The colors and pattern are to die for. Great selection on the bride's part! ;)

I'm glad to hear your sweet little girl is feeling better and that her second wedding went off without a hitch. She's a pro. :)

Momma Hunt said...

what wonderful photos, I really love the one of all three of you!

Rachel said...

She looks beautiful in that little dress! I absolutely love the picture of her walking with daddy!

Melissa said...

I am so glad it went well!! Emersyn looks adorable! & what a beautiful couple!

sister sheri said...

What an amazing memory! And so great that you chronicle these special times. Love you!