Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

*I am home sick for the second day in a row. I get really stressed out over taking sick time because if I run out of sick time at work, then I have to use my vacation and if I use up my vacation, I won't be able to take time off to visit my family. I have decided to NOT stress about it though. My manager is really cool and I definitely don't take advantage of having a child and calling in sick all the time like a LOT of people do in my department. I only call in sick when I absolutely am not feeling well OR when my daughter needs her mommy. Emersyn started to get a cough on Saturday that has turned into a full blown cold/cough and I got a sore throat on Sunday, which turned into a cold as well. I am hoping that two days of rest will do us both good. I took Emersyn over to her Nana's yesterday and she took a 4.5 hour nap there!! I took a 3 hour nap and it felt good. Sleep really is the best medicine. Today I am keeping Ems at home with me but hoping to take a nap at some point. Ems said that she wanted to go night night but sometimes that just means she wants her binkys. We'll see if she actually goes to sleep in her crib.....I'm not too optimistic from what I hear in her crib. :)

*My brother and his wife are home and living with us for 2-3 weeks. So fun! Emersyn loves having "uncle" and "auntie" here and she talks about them all the time. It is really really cute. It is also fun having "roomies". Last night we watched a basketball game and Ems was yelling "go ball go ball" and pounding her fist in the air after I showed her how to chant, so cute. Then we watched "The Bachelorette" which I wasn't planning on watching but Jen wanted to record it so I thought it would be fun to all watch together, why not. We cringed together at all the awkward moments and laughed too.

*Ems has started repeating things that we say, even when we don't realize she is listening. We were in the car the other day and I heard her talking to herself. I turned down the radio and could hear her saying "oh gosh, oh gosh". I realized that I had said that on the phone and she was copying me!!!!! She has started saying all kinds of things. It is amusing and alarming, all at the same time.

*Ems has to say "bye bye" to everything and everyone. We came inside today and there were landscapers outside. Emersyn stands in our door way and yells "bye bye" to the landscapers over and over, who could not hear her over the lawn mower. We got off of the freeway the other day and as we're driving over the overpass, Emersyn yells "bye bye cars". Whenever we put Ems to bed, we have her say "bye bye" to everything before she goes upstairs. She says, "bye bye cook" to her kitchen. She says bye to her stroller, her ball, her babies, etc. Very sweet.

*It has been fun watching our newlywed roommates interact. It reminds me so much of when we first got married and makes it fun to reflect on how much we have grown together over the last 7 years. Relationships are fun, complicated at times, but fun.

*We watched the LOST finale on Sunday night with some friends and thought it was just okay. We had suspected that they were dead all along due to some references but the show got so bizarre and weird towards the end that we weren't sure where the heck the show was going.

*That's it for now. :) I thought I had more to say but the cold meds are making my mind go blank.....happy Tuesday. Can you believe it's almost summer?!?! You would never know it here though, so rainy and cold. Boo!


OurLittleBlessingS said...

i hope you are feeling better soon! being sick is not fun, esp with a little one. and that's too cute that she is repeating everything:D watch out!

Melissa said...

Hope you're both feeling better soon! :)

KellyW said...

I sure hope you get well soon. Being sick is no fun!

Kristi said...

I hope you and Emersyn both feel better soon!

Julia said...

Hey friend. How fun that you have another girl to watch girly tv with! I love being married but that's something I do miss about college.
I sure hope you feel better soon. Please let me know if I can bring you anything, or come watch E for a while if you need a nap or anything!
Take care!

Tracey said...

Just found your blog; your little girl is precious!!