Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Five

Today these are five things that make me.....
I think you get the idea. :)
1) Last night I went in to check on Emersyn before I went to bed and she was just angelic looking. Seriously, I get teary eyed almost every night, gazing at my daughters innocent little face as she sleeps. She stirred a bit and sat up all bleary eyed. I told her to lay back down and go to sleep and she did......and then let out a GIANT toot. I had to run out of her room, I was laughing so hard and didn't want to wake her up. It made my night, seriously. This may make me a weirdo but I don't care. You had to be there.
2) My husband sent me an email on Monday to thank me for making some muffins on Sunday night and said I was so "domestic". I swooned a bit.
3) Emersyn went pee on the potty today!!!!!!!!! She always talks about the potty and loves to point at our toilet and say "mama potty" and then her potty and say "emmy potty". Today I had her sit on it naked while I was blow drying my hair and she peed!!! It was awesome!!! We made a huge deal out of it and she was awfully proud of herself. So cute. We are taking potty training slow and steady but she sure is showing all the signs. So fun.
4) I got to have sushi last night with my sweet friend Roxanne, which was a treat. I LOVE sushi soooo much, and by sushi I mean California Rolls, nothing crazy like raw fish. :)
5) I got a card in the mail for my anniversary (which was last Sunday) from my grandma, with an apology for the card being so late. In the card was a gift card to CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!!! We now get a free dinner for our date night tomorrow, whoo hoo whoo hoo!!!!
Happy Thursday everyone!!


MannMom3 said...

Woohooo...Patti played! ;-)

Awww..sleeping love love them..I would have laughed too if Edyn had let out a big ol toot while sleeping..

OOooohh the Cheesecake Factory..yum! Have fun tomorrow night!

Happy Thursday!

Dawn said...

Awww.. so sweet.

I would have cracked up at the toot too.

My little 3 year old says she "Too-ed" instead of "tooted." Cracks me up!

Happy Anniversary (late). I hope that will do. I don't have a gift card to send. Ha!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

yay for the date night tomorrow night AND peeing in the potty!!!! i seriously giggled aloud when i read the toootinG! ha!

Tyler said...

YUMMY! I wish I could crash your date ;) The cheese cake factory is the best. Enjoy girl... you deserve it.

So proud of Miss Emersyn! That totally rocks that she went potty. It wont be long and we will be wishing they were back in diapers (I already wish I could go back and do it all again.. I have enjoyed it so much :)
Glad you had a fab week girl!

Heather said...

Cheesecake Factory would make anyone happy!!

LeAnna said...

Can you possibly beat the wonderful feeling of your child going potty AND a gift card out to eat??? NO WAY MAN! ;)

Kristi said...

Patti I am pretty sure you are domestic already. I long to be a domestic wife and mom.

P.S. You've been tagged