Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

For the record, I started this on Sunday afternoon....just haven't gotten around to finishing it until today. :)

Annabel, Emersyn and Everett with their 95 year old Great Grandmother!

*I am sick. I have an icky cold and I'm totally feeling sorry for myself, as I always do when I get sick. Emersyn got to spend the day yesterday with her Auntie Breezy because I just didn't have it in me to take care of two children. I am thankful for family nearby that love and take care of my daughter. Another reason that I am feeling sorry for myself is that my son isn't even 6 weeks old yet and I am exclusively breastfeeding and yet, a certain monthly visitor has decided to start visiting again. Seriously!?!?!

Emersyn *feeding* her baby. She had to completely take her dress off to acheive this. Ha! We were at her great grandparents nursing home and we told her it was time to leave and she said she needed to feed her baby first. Silly girl

*Emersyn is doing so great in preschool. I really think that Everett's birth triggered a big growth spurt in her emotionally. She's come out of her shell quite a bit. She used to be really shy even with our friends but she has started responding when strangers out in public ask her about her baby brother or even ask her what her name is. This is big progress. Yesterday we were in a bike store and she was tearing around the shop on a bike that was a little too big for her but she was fearless. Just a few weeks before Everett was born we had tried to get her to just sit on a bike in the store and she wouldn't. Seeing her ride so confidently made me realize how much she has grown up. She will pray for our food even when other people are around (again, progress) and she sings all the time.

Emersyn does her own make up.

*We started potty training the week that preschool started and she's done really well for the most part with just a few accidents here and there. She is in big girl panties 100% of the time except for overnight. She still won't poop in the potty despite my repeated bribery attempts but she will go in a pull up. I used to think she would NEVER go on the potty.

*Kohls has Fisher Price toys for 40% off. We got the kids 4 of the bigger Little People sets, the firestation, ferris wheel, race track and castle. We also got to use a 30% off our transaction coupon, PLUS got $20 in "Kohl's Cash" which is like a gift card, no minimum purchase required. When all was said and done we got $100 worth of Little People toys for $22. Amazing!!!!! I am so excited to get them out for Ems. We're going to open the fire station first, then another one next month, etc. Spread out the fun. She is so into imaginative play right now, it's really sweet. Everett will loves these toys someday too!!

*I feel like I'm starting to get Everett somewhat on a schedule. It's happened naturally, not anything I planned and I'm thankful for that because Emersyn was never really on a schedule. He sleeps a lot in the morning which is nice because we are often running errands, going to preschool, etc. and he loves his car seat. Then I feed him right after I put Emersyn down for a nap around 1:30 and swaddle him in his crib and he will usually sleep at least two hours. Emersyn will usually sleep for about two hours too which equals two hours of productivity for mama!!!! He is awake and dozes here and there for the rest of the day but then I make sure to feed him around 8ish and then again around 10-11 and then he is out for the night, usually waking up around 5:30 to eat. I can live with that. I'm starting to feel more *normal* each day too, slowly incorporating things back into life, such as cooking and laundry. These are two areas that have slacked big time since I had Everett and actually since right before I had Everett. :) I made a whole meal for Brett's birthday dinner and it was exhausting, I had forgotten how time consuming cooking is/was. I'll have to post the recipes I made from that night, they were pretty good!

*A wise friend of mine that has two kids told me, "it will never get easier, but it will get better". I think this is such an encouraging and true statement in regards to having more then once child! And I totally agree, it's getting better but certainly not easier. :)

*I have a real estate deal in escrow and I'm jazzed! I love being a Realtor and haven't done a deal in awhile due to being pregnant and the market having slowed down. I love putting on my Realtor *hat* though. This deal is with a friend so I've been able to bring Everett with me to a couple things and not feel entirely unprofessional. Him and I have been working a bit at my office (which is in the same parking lot at Emersyn's preschool, score!!).

*I'm so happy fall is here! I desperately need to change out Emersyn's clothes and go through what will fit next year, what won't and give it away to our two little friends that get Emersyn's hand me downs, and get out the fall stuff. I think fall is finally here to stay! We have three pumpkin patch trips planned that I am looking forward to, two with friends and one with Emersyn's preschool.

*I'm looking for some new crockpot recipes for the fall, anyone have anything yummy?

*Tomorrow night is my first meeting for the women's retreat that I am in charge of for next year. Wish me luck, sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I am doing but I know the Lord has me here for a reason.

My SIX week old!!

Emersyn at 6 weeks old

*I have decided to take off this season from Ladies Bible Study at my church. I really feel like this is such a special season with Everett being so tiny and I want more time to savor him. Emersyn is in preschool Tuesday mornings and I would rush to get her there, rush to get to church, rush to leave church so I could pick her up in time, etc. I think that this is a great time for me to just BE and I'll return after the first of the year. After I made this decision, I was really happy about it. I do well in life when I have things on my calendar but too often, I over book myself and the week passes and I feel like it was just a blur. This is such a short season in my life having little kids and I don't want it to fly by without me making the most of it.

*I am going to participate in an online book club reading Angie Smith's, "What Women Fear". I am excited to read this book kind of in place of doing the study this fall. This will be more at my own pace and less of a commitment. I really struggle with fear, especially with having a newborn again and reading things constantly about SIDS, pediatric cancer, etc. I am eager to read what Angie has to say about this, having gone through one of my worst fears in life in losing a child. The book club is at inCourage.me if you want to read along.

Okay, I think that is it for now. I'm sure this is scattered and hardly makes any sense but it's an update and that's what several of you asked for. :)


jules said...

I just can't believe he is six weeks old already....he's just as adorable as his big sister.

My granddaughter used to "feed" her dolls all the time when her baby sister was little.

Heidi Williams said...

This is my current favorite crock pot recipe... It is SO GOOD.


I make a couple changed...

I used canned cut tomatoes (no idea why they say use whole, because they dont break up)

I also add use an immersion blender and cream the whole thing (dont forget to take out the bay leaf.. made that mistake a few times)

THEN i add cubed chicken at the end. OH and of course, i do not make my own tortilla strips. HELLO chips?! Anyway, it sounds more complicated - but it really is the best tortilla soup recipe i've tried!

Rachelle said...

Started reading the book! Love it so far and will totally be doing the study...

Dara Wills said...

You could still be just shedding more layers from birth, it might not be your actual monthly visitor yet. Glad things are going well!