Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time out for Mommy

It's taken me a bit to get into a groove with two kids but what I thought would be impossible has finally been achieved.....simultaneous nap times, hallelujah. It seemed like Emersyn was phasing out of the nap stage of life but praise Jesus, I was able to coerce her back into it. She usually sleeps for 2+ hours so I know she still needs them more then she might think. Everett takes amazing naps in his crib while swaddled so we have this wonderful little afternoon routine going. Ems eats lunch, I feed Everett, Ems plays for a big, Everett has awake time, then I put both kids down and they go go sleep for usually at least two hours. During this time I've been working on things for my women's retreat at my church, dealing with insurance stuff, working on real estate, making phone calls, etc. I haven't been as good about housework during nap time because I feel like I can kind of do that kind of stuff while kids are awake, although it isn't easy. Something about my silent house during naps beckons me to work on things that I absolutely cannot do when they are awake, like make phone calls.

Today and yesterday I have been feeling a little weary. Oftentimes our mornings are full of fun activities, playdates, preschool, errands, etc. Emersyn and I aren't good at staying home even though we really need to more often. I find you have to actually be home in order to get things done around your house, go figure. Plus, Emersyn naps much better when she's had a busier morning. But when I have a busy morning, I get a little tired and go figure, I had a baby 7 weeks ago and haven't really had that much sit and rest time (although is that even possible with two kids??).

This afternoon I put my kids down and looked around at the mess that is my house. There are dishes to be done, groceries to still unload from my van (non refridgerated stuff of course), laundry to do, bathrooms that desperately need to be cleaned, friends to email, vacuuming, dusting, etc. But today I remembered something that occurred to me while I was feeding Everett the other day. I can only give to my kids what I put into myself. Sometimes when I'm nursing I'll start thinking about everything I've eaten that day, or oftentimes, things I haven't eaten (like breakfast a lot of the time) and I feel bad. How can Everett be getting the right nutrition if I'm not putting nutrition into my body to pass along to him?

And so this afternoon during nap time, I'm sitting in my living room with toys and dirty dishes silently taunting me but I'm getting some spiritual nutrition so that I am able to pass that down to my kids, even if that's just through an attitude adjustment. I am no good to my kids when my house is clean but I am frazzled and exhausted. Also, I always feel like me being weary is the Lord calling me to rely on Him for strength and not myself. I am a go getter and have no problems go go go-ing all the time. But every once in a awhile, like today, fatigue and exhaustion hit and I know it's God tapping me on the shoulders to re-focus. This afternoon I am being obedient to that shoulder tapping and opening up the Word, my book, and I'm going to even just be still and see what the Lord has for me this afternoon. I'm giving myself a time out. :)


LeAnna said...

I agree with your mentality. Chores can wait while the babies sleep. Nap time is Mama's oasis in the chaos. :)

Jennifer said...

I don't usually comment, but just wanted to say, from my experience of going from 1 to 2 kids--you're doing the right thing. I never clean while both kids are napping. I find that if I'm up on my feet the whole time they are resting, I'm exhausted when they wake up and the prospect of facing the rest of the day is overwhelming. You're doing great and things will continue to get easier. For now, get out of the house in the morning so Emersyn and you don't go crazy and rest in the afternoons. :)

Momma Hunt said...

Ohhh Moms need time outs or we go crazy. For me it was when my hubby would get home and I would sneak into the bathroom and check my email. Or sometimes it is hiding in the bedroom shutting the door and laying face down on my bed for a few moments just to be quiet with my thoughts. Good for you for realizing that the best mom is the one that is sane!

Rachelle said...

7 weeks to get in a groove?!?!? Soph is 13 months and there are days that I still don't feel like we have hit our groove yet! ha!

sister sheri said...

Love this, Patti! I am like you... when I start to feel weary I know that I am past due on some time with the Lord. And being frazzled and weary is no good for the family.

Praying that God blessed your time with Him... knowing that He will bless your obedience to His calling and take care of all the things that burden us.