Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Several of Emersyn's friends are enrolled in pre-school this year and I have to admit, it made me a little sad. Yes yes, I know that Emersyn JUST turned three and she doesn't NEED to go go preschool by any means. However, I really think that she could benefit greatly from the social interaction and the structured environment. I know that we do a lot of playdates but that kind of socialization isn't the educational side. It would be so great to have trained teachers teach Emersyn things that I am not able to. The big obstacle for us is the financial aspect of preschool however.

I got a text from my friend Caitlin yesterday saying that there is still room in her daughter's preschool class for Emersyn and that it hadn't even started yet. Sensing that this could be a financial issue, Caitlin informed me that the preschool would be willing to adjust the tuition to an amount that we CAN afford and gave me the director's info. After speaking with the director and coming to an agreement on an amount that will work for the both of us, I am happy to say that Emersyn is enrolled in preschool and will start next Tuesday!!!!!!! This is such an answer to prayer and I just know that my bright little girl is going to flourish in this environment. The only slight downside is that I will have to leave my Tuesday morning Bible Study a little early each week but I really think that it will be worth it. Plus, Emersyn will get to go to preschool with one of her besties, how cute is that?? It's only two days a week for 2.5 hours. I'm also so grateful to have an opportunity for one on one time with my little man too.

I am so so thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to see my little girl blossom as a preschooler!!! She is beside herself with excitement and thankfully she got a super cute backpack for her birthday from her Auntie and Uncle that will be put to good use!!


Kristi said...

That is great that you got a deal on preschool. I was shocked when Andrew started's so expensive!!! She will love school and you will really love that time with just you and Everett. I am so looking forward to school starting for Andrew so I can get some one on one time with Ava :)

Momma Hunt said...

That is so excitng. We are lucky tha twe were able to enroll my son in a magnet preschol (we actually won a lottery to get him in) and it is free and it is every day. Which is a blessing since now I odn't hav eto pay daycare 200 dollars a week. He loves every minute of it and that makes me happy! I can't wait to see her first day of school pictures

Melissa said...

AWWW! How exciting!!!!! :) Love it! :)