Monday, September 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I love multi-generational pictures. I'm missing my Gigi extra this week. She would have loved meeting my sweet boy.

My mama, Ems and I

{2} I saw this adorable owl hat on a little boy on one of my favorite blogs and I just had to have it. I even messaged the blog owner to find out where she got it and she gave the the Etsy sellers info but first, I decided to check with a friend of mine who is starting a hat making business. I just gave her a picture and she was able to duplicate the hat exactly. Isn't it SO cute!?!?! My friend Jessica is talented and charges really reasonable prices. Her website can be found HERE.

My sweetie boy with his eyes open!

{3} Brett and I ended up taking newborn pics of Everett on Saturday and we got a few decent ones. I now understand why people hire professionals to do such tasks now however. While taking his pics, he of course had to poop and pee everywhere so while our sheets were being washed (they were victims of the bodily fluids) we decided to give Everett his first bath. Of course big sister wanted to join in on the fun. It was a quick bath for Everett but so fun to get him all cleaned up. I love the way babies smell right after a bath. *happy sigh*.

I <3 my girl!!

{4} Everett went to the first of many of his sister's friends' birthday parties on Sunday. Miss Emery May is turning three tomorrow! Her mama knows how to throw a great party and she totally got crafty with the decorations. It was a great party and we were so happy to celebrate one of Emersyn's besties.

{5} Emersyn got a bubble gun from her Nana and Papa for her birthday and it's a really great toy!! She had a ton of fun with it today at the park for our Labor Day picnic with friends.

{6} Last Friday my parents wanted to take Ems to Chuck E. Cheese before my dad headed out of town so we went there for a fun hour or so. While we were there, Brett put Ems on the big monster truck ride. While she was riding it, Brett got too close so the ride froze and started saying, "please stand clear" over and over. It was kind of a muffled voice but eventually Brett realized what was going on and he moved away. Apparently this traumatized Emersyn because every day since then, she keeps talking about how scary the truck was at Chuck E. Cheese and how it said, "dee-mans cleer" over and over. It kind of makes me sad because I think it really scared her but it kind of makes us laugh whenever she brings it up because it was so random! I'm hoping she gets over it.

{7} We're watching "Kate Plus 8" while I've been typing this and I cannot believe how dramatic and high maintenance Kate is!!! Holy cow! I'm not trying to be judgemental but good Lord. She gets to take her family white water rafting and she's throwing a fit about potentially getting wet. Plus she's wearing wedge heels and basically daisy duke cut-offs. Geez.

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Melissa said...

Ugh! (About Kate.) I've never watched her show. But all i hear is about her being a spoiled brat!

LOVE all the pics & that sweet pic of Everett! :)