Friday, September 2, 2011

More Everett pictures & ramblings! :)

This intersection was about 5 blocks from where Everett was born. :) This isn't where I got the inspiration for his name however, I've loved Everett for a long time!

We are having such a great time as a family of four (plus my parents who have been here for the last two weeks). It's always crazy having family in town combined with the birth of a child, although I don't really know any other way since my parents moved right before Emersyn was born. It's a fun and blissful celebration time but also gets busy which I don't mind. My parents lived here for a lot of years before they moved so they have friends that want to see them and us and our new baby and we've kept pretty busy for Everett's first ten days of life but again, I'm not great at sitting at home so it's fine.

I do find myself hoarding my baby boy though. I let my mom hold Emersyn pretty much any chance that I had to give her away but it's been different with Everett. I don't know if it's because I had to work so much harder for him to come into the world or because I look at my three year old and realize how quickly children grow up. I am enjoying my snuggle time with him and am so thankful that nursing is going so well because that's such a great bonding time with him too.

I'm really hoping to take some newborn pictures of Everett tomorrow. I didn't do those really with Emersyn other then the bazillion snapshots that we took of her. We haven't been as great at taking pictures of Everett which I hear is common with your second child. I want to be better about it though but again, these first days have been kinda crazy and busy. :) I treasure my nights however of enjoying my baby boy before I put him to bed. He sleeps in a pack and play right now next to our bed and God bless him, he only wakes up twice in the night, usually around 1-2 and then again around 4-5. After his 4-5 feeding I often let him stay in bed with us and I just stare at him. I cannot get enough of his preciousness. Is that a word? :)

It always amazes me how God equips mothers. Even when I am so dog tired, I never look at my little baby while I'm feeding him in the middle of the night and feel an ounce of resentment. Granted, I do feel fortunate that he sleeps so well for us. But still, Emersyn woke up consistently every two hours at night for a long time and it was the same thing with her, I never resented taking care of her.....I could stare at my babies all night and never get tired of the amazing miracles that they are in our lives.

Estella, Emma, Emersyn and Everett's first playdate!

Bringing baby brother home from the hospital!

First family dinner with Everett home from the hospital

Snuggling with Grandpa

This weekend is full of fun too. We have a birthday dinner for my brother Saturday night and then one of Emersyn's besties is turning three and her party is on Sunday! My dad heads back to MN on Sunday too which is a bummer but he'll be back for Christmas. My mom is staying another week and I'll be grateful for the help. I have several dr. appointments to take the kids to next week and Brett will be back at work and it'll be great to have my mom here. Plus she gets up early with Emersyn so I can snooze with my baby boy. Every morning though when she wakes up she comes into our room and says "where's Everett?" and then she comes and gives him kisses and snuggles. Then she goes to eat breakfast with MiMi but she always leaves with "I'll come riiiiight back, I promise!". Thankfully, she doesn't come right back but plays with MiMi and Grandpa while Daddy and I sleep in. :)

Okay, that's enough rambling for now. As I've typed this, I've had Everett on my chest and I know it won't be long before he's too big to snuggle with like this. I am so in love with him, I can't get over it. Thank you Lord for my baby boy, I'm so so so blessed to be his mama.


Melissa said...

Awwww! I love this post!! I can't wait to be a mommy even more now! HAHA! :) It sounds like everything is going so well!! And Emersyn is sooo cute as big sister! LOVE IT!


KellyW said...

I am so glad things are going so well. Everett is beautiful! I am glad Emersyn's birthday went so well too. It looks like she had a lot of fun. I love his nursery too. It's gorgeous!

Dara Wills said...

I love it that your friends have the "E" names, too, just like you guys! Looks like you're having fun, I'm so glad things are going well with nursing!