Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I used to...

I used to....

...have shaved legs. I was the kind of girl that ALWAYS had smooth legs, anything else drove me crazy. Well these days, shaving is a luxury of time that I just don't have. My husband is a lucky man. (I do still shower though, bonus) able to remember things, period.

...have more bladder control. Ha! able to see the corner of my bedroom floor and wall before this monster load of laundry was covering it. The load NEVER ends, seriously, I keep pulling clothes from it and washing them and the pile just doesn't go down. other peoples blogs.

.....remember what it was like to get more then 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

.....take pleasure in vacuuming. Guys, the pleasure is dying down, partially because my carpet is SO trashed that I despise even looking at it.

....have hot water. Yes, this morning the pilot light just completely died despite several attempts to relight it. Why is this great timing you ask? Oh, because my bestie from Idaho is in town and has special plans tonight so she had to take a shower. Very sweetly, she compared the experience to camping rather then calling it was it was, pure torture!!!! An ice cold shower is not my idea of hospitality. She's going home today and oh my Lord, it was SO nice having her hear. Ems will miss her the most I think, she loved playing with Auntie Lou.

.....type with more than one hand. Doesn't happen anymore now that I'm nursing or snuggling with my boy.

These guys make it all worth it though. :)

Seriously though, having two children is not for the faint of heart. I can't even fathom how those do it with three, four, mulitples, etc. :) I know that I will find my groove eventually. I just need to remember to relax a little and enjoy each day, despite what does or doesn't get done. Remember, babies don't keep.... :)


LeAnna said...

Ohhhh, I hear ya on most of these. I think two is the hardest adjustment, ad from here on out it's no different. ;) But seriously. The laundry thing? Oh my word, yes. Totally know.
Annnd, you're right. Gotta relax and learn to relish a house well lived in. Because these moments don't last.

Momma Hunt said...

I will say it takes a bit, before having two I thought to myself, heck I did this before I can handle this. Well then the baby came and all heck broke loose. At least you are showering! My daughter is 18months and I headed back to work with her 5months and my son three and half and that was a whole other experience.

Melissa said...

Ha! Some of this is me w/ work right now (no time to blog! I finally have a night off & am doing so!). :) But i know that's not even a taste of what it's like with kids! Hang in there! Hope to hear about how school is for Emersyn! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya friend! And the shower really wasn't that bad, I just ducked in when needed ;) Love you!