Monday, June 2, 2008

Updated Nursery Pictures

These pictures are probably a repeat for my facebook and myspace friends but since part of the reason for keeping this blog is like a journal, I have to keep it up to date! :)
We are almost done with the nursery. We got a rug, not sure how we feel about it yet. We also got some shelves for above the changing table, ordered some letters spelling out "Emersyn Grace" that we will paint and hang them, and then some various accessories throughout her room. It is a lot of fun to decorate!
Emersyn's future husband was born over the weekend!! :) Congrats Tiff and Travis! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet Riley!!


Sarah said...

YAY!!! It looks wonderful, Patti!! Congrats!

Aimee & Fam said...

Putting the crib in, makes everything feel so real, eh? In just a couple months there will be a little tiny baby sleeping there!