Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Activities

I've always wanted to do a daily advent activity. Partly because I do want to keep our family's focus on the true reason for the season. Also partly because it's fun and I'm all about fun. :) I have this paralysis of perfection when it comes to being crafty, however, thus I am not crafty very often. I decided to throw my perfectionist tendencies to the wind and just make SOMETHING. I had scrap paper left from the one and only scrap book I've ever made of our first Christmas married, I had mini clothespins (cutest things ever) leftover from my easter placecard holders and then some raffia in my gift wrap box. Perfect. I printed out a calendar and wrote out activities that would work with our busy schedule. Lots of fun things, some things small and quick, some things bigger. 

 Sunday's activity was supposed to be "go to ZOOLIGHTS", our zoo's Christmas light show. However, it was freezing and pouring down rain. Bummer! So we did plan B....go to Ikea and then to a drive through Christmas light show! Ikea was kind of a bonus since it's close to the light show and not someplace that is ever on our way anywhere.

We had dinner at Ikea and then let Emersyn go in the play area while we hung out with Everett in the toy area. We picked up a gift there for Santa....a tool bench. I can't wait for him to play with it! He's all into banging stuff so this will be great.

Everett also loved this toy kitchen. Our toy kitchen broke but a replacement is on it's way, a much cooler one then the one we had before, score! Side note: Everett + Converse shoes = my heart swooning. So adorable!!! I was going to get him black dress shoes for his Christmas outfit but then realized, Converse would be SO much cuter!!!

After Ikea we headed to the light show. It's at a race track that you drive through so kids can get unbuckled. At first Ems was on my lap but then I felt bad that Everett was just stuck in his seat so Ems sat on Brett's lap and helped drive while Everett sat on my lap. He was so cuddly (and sleepy, it was a little past his bedtime) and he was in awe of the lights. The show isn't much, in fact, without kids it would be kind of lame, especially for what you pay to drive through it. But through the eyes of my two kids, it was magical. They have this 12 days of Christmas display so we sang that entire song as we drove through and Emersyn was SO happy to be helping drive. Like beside herself happy.

This picture makes me laugh, she's totally playing it cool like, "yeah...I'm driving, so what?".

We had a LOT of stuff to do at home, our floors were still not done. But this was our last free weekend night as a family before my parents get here and it was really important to me to have family time. Projects can wait. As we drove through the Christmas lights, I couldn't help but get a little misty eyed. My family is truly my dream come true. My cup truly over flows. I love my fiesty girl, my crazy giddy boy, and my husband who enjoys being cheesy around the holidays as much as I do. How did I get so blessed?? 

There's lots more holiday fun to be had this month, yay!!

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sister sheri said...

What a great idea to have a plan B! Love the little converse shoes... I totally get that!