Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bah Humbug

The only part I regret about starting this house project when we did is that I am kind of getting ripped off of my holiday season. :( I thought doing this before the holidays would be good, you know, a kind of healthy pressure to get things done. But now that the project has spilled over into the holidays, I am over it! Bah humbug!!

We did get our tree up and I decided just to decorate with a few ornaments that are decorative and all our family ones. It's a little bare looking but less stressful. Plus, with Everett's age I knew that any glass ornaments he got a hold of would be toast on the new floors.

I loved getting out our family ornaments in their Hallmark boxes. This year Emersyn got a Rapunzel (from Tangled) ornament as a symbol of her year, the first year she has gotten into princesses. I'm on the hunt for a Charlie Brown ornament for Everett. :)

I can't remember the last time Brett and I just sat and relaxed in our house. There is always something to be worked on, which is often the case with home ownership but this month has been insane. And it's not Brett's fault...it's just hard to work around kids, work, school, etc. And now grouting has been put off until Thursday night because I babysit a little boy Tues-Thurs and I don't want his dad to have to walk through our crazy garage to get into the house. We did purchase the baseboards though! Yay! And we did get the downstairs painted and I LOVE the color!! We also totally overestimated how much paint we needed so there's enough left to paint the upstairs, AFTER the holidays.

I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping, except for a few sibling gifts that I need to get for Brett's siblings exchange. They haven't' told us who we're buying for yet. I have a lot that needs to be wrapped and that will be fun to get presents under the tree. So far, Everett doesn't seem to be interested in the tree. Let's hope that continues.

I had so many hopes of a crafty Pinterest inspired Christmas, baked goods to be delivered to neighbors, etc. However, this year we are barely suriving, just doing all the CRAP that needs to be done for this remodel. It will be totally worth it though!

I'm anxious to get a rug for the living room and to get the kids new kitchen put together. Our house just feels so stark and cold...I want it to be full again.

We've got this awesome blank wall to decorate now in our living room. We had a clock on it but I'm over the clock and am thinking of doing something photo collage-ish, maybe with a twine wrapped J as the centerpiece. I need to get my friend Rachelle over here to inspire me. She has millions of ideas inside that brain of hers. I bet Vanessa would help too. Perhaps a girls night at my place is in order!!

This post is totally boring, I apologize. But it's me venting and talking through this. Whenever I get whiny about this project I just have to tell myself, "first world problems". I'm so thankful for a house in the first place! I'm just sick of having a pedestal sink on my front porch. Yes, we are those classy neighbors. At least the toilet is in the garage. :)


Vanessa said...

I'm totally down for a girls night at your house to decorate and get inspiration! Tell me when, and I'll be there! :)

Rachelle said...

Will you please just put the toilet on the front porch and take a picture... Just for picture sake! Too funny! We totally need to do a girl night with Vanessa at your house and get some inspiration going. I would even be willing to offer up my house as a landing pad for the kids... I know two guys that would love to offer babysitting for said kids too, because there is no way I can be creative with kids running around (at least this is what we will tell the men).

MiMi said...

Love you Honey!
Hoping you will be non stressful when we get there!
Love you so much and your house will look fantastic as you get to rest when we are there.