Friday, December 7, 2012

5 Question Friday

My baby boy is still sleeping, hallelujah! We've had two late nights in a row so this catch up on sleep is much needed. There's laundry to be folded and a dishwasher to empty.....blogging sounds much more fun though so let's do that!

1) How many times have you moved and do you have any tips?
We've moved twice since we got married. We moved into our first apartment and then 2.5 years later we bought the house we're still in today. Our starter house that we were going to live in for 2 years or so...and this January we'll have been here 7 years. :) I have no tips. The last time I moved I was 24, a baby who didn't know what they were doing. I guess if I had to think of a tip though it would be throw stuff away, purge, start over clutter free in a new place!

2) Do you have a budget for the holidays, or just keep sliding the credit card and have a heart attack in January?
Brett and I are not huge gifts people. We like receiving them, of course, but only if they come from the heart. We're not big on gift exchanges where you stress out about having to think of things for people and essentially just end up trading money. If someone can't think of something to get us, then don't get us anything! We must be doing fine if you can't think of anything at all. Give something to someone that truly needs it. As far as a budget, like with all things in life, we try to get the biggest bang for our buck, shop sales and give the appearance that we spent a good amount of money but really we got some great sales!

3) What's one medical thing you avoid like the plague?
This is so random! I can't really think of anything. I don't love shots or having blood drawn but when you're pregnant, you can't really avoid either. At least I couldn't.

4) Least favorite Christmas song:
It's a tie between "Christmas in the Northwest"...oh my word, it's SO bad. Just one lyric for all you non Northwesterners that don't get to experience the magic..."Christmas in the a gift God wrapped in greeeeeeeeeeen" sung by a lady with a sugary sweet voice. Oh my word, I'm so irritated even thinking about it. The other song that ties for least favorite is "Christmas Shoes". Depressing. And overplayed.

5) This Christmas are you spending more, less or the same?
I'd say the same.

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Rachelle said...

I also HATEthe Christmas in the northwest song. However, sometimes I do sing it (in my best impression of that lady) to James to annoy him. Ha! I'm such a good wife!