Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little patch of grass

When Brett and I purchased our first home, we could have cared less about a yard. We wanted something new and low maintenance. That's exactly what we got in our home. However, now that we've had two kids, I wish we would have considered a yard. I know that this house is where the Lord wanted us and He's blessed us tremendously with a low payment and low maintenance. 

I tend to get wrapped up in perfectionism at times and feel like since our yard is little, it doesn't count at all. But my kids don't see it that way. We've had warm weather here (finally) and so I decided it was time to set up the sprinkler in our little patch of grass in the front yard. The kids LOVED it. Never once did Emersyn complain that it was so little, she was just grateful for anything at all. I'm glad I got over my frustration with our tiny yard and let the kids enjoy what we are blessed to have.


MiMi said...

They are just so content!!!! Sweet and having just as fun as in a Park!

LeAnna said...

Adorable kidlets!