Thursday, July 19, 2012


The past few days I have been in a funk. We've been home a lot and that *could* have something to do with it. I've also been watching an extra kid which really isn't that big of a deal but it's a little more work and it makes it so going places isn't as fun or even doable with car seat situations. (Caitlin, if you're reading I'm still excited to have Emery tomorrow...this has nothing to do with that!!!) Anyways, I've just been in a funk. I've been having a hard time getting fully back on my *diet* and that's always defeating. Making good choices {in general} has to become a habit and when you veer off that path, well, it can put you in a funk.

I love being a stay at home mom. I love being able to read to my children in the middle of the day. I love being able to hear them giggle and play together. I love being able to do laundry and dishes during nap time even. But I do miss feeling more purposeful at times. When I was working I could check "purposeful" off my list. I had worked that day, thus contributing to our family's income and therefore, I served a purpose. Raising my children and taking care of my home is certainly purposeful as well, but it doesn't feel as concrete. I don't feel like I get to check something off on my list daily. I can always think of something I could have done better...not lost my patience with Emersyn, spent more time on the floor  with Everett, read to them more, prepared healthier snacks, cleaned more, done more laundry, etc. With work I just clocked in and out and that's all that I could do. I got paid to do a job and I did it well. I don't always feel like I do my new *job* well.

This afternoon I had a phone meeting scheduled with the women's ministry director at my church. I was nervous because the meeting depended on successful nap times for three children and you just never know. However, I was able to get them all down and asleep by the time 2pm rolled around. I spoke with Terri for about 30 minutes about our upcoming women's retreat and ended the call full of energy and excitement. I had a list of things to follow up on and am excited to get into planning mode again.

I realized that it is vital for me to have purpose outside of my home for me to feel fulfilled.

I had the same rush the other night when I had a listing appointment for a referral. (Thanks Lacey!!!!) I used to get really overwhelmed at balancing real estate and my family but now that I'm able to be home full time, I miss it! Being a Realtor gives me purpose. I love every aspect of it...meeting new people, listing homes, finding new homes for families, all of it!! I came home from the listing appointment and jabbered my husbands ear off about who knows what but I know that rush came from feeling purposeful.

As wives and mamas it's so important that we don't become complacent and in a *funk*. We're no good to our families if we can't serve them with a joyful heart. And when I'm feeling down, there is no joy to be found.

And so I will strive to find purpose each day, however I can. Whether it be through ministry stuff at church, real estate, encouraging friends, or whatever! I know that it's the best remedy. Better then emotional eating, sulking or being impatient with my husband and kids.

What do you have in your life that gives you purpose outside of your home? :)


Melissa said...

I don't really feel that purposeful at my job - although i do serve a VERY important purpose there... i guess it's just not always my "thing" that i would like to be doing. I do feel like I am serving a purpose when i serve others, though - like bringing a meal to someone, or sending someone a note. I guess those are little things & not even as tough as my job can be... but they're more meaningful? I don't know!

That is awesome you were able to have that meeting w/ your friend about the women's ministry! That's exciting!

Sorry you've been in a funk - i hate those! We'll make it though!! We can do this!

Rachelle said...

I totally agree! Good word lady!

Anonymous said...

I totally need something outside of my home to feel purposeful! That's why I've always enjoyed volunteering for the church. I have been prepared to be without that for a while as we get to know our new community. So I am determined to be even more purposeful in my home, and hopefully keep that going even after I find something to contribute to outside the home.