Monday, July 16, 2012


Today is a day of recovery. My parents left Saturday morning and even though I always vow not to get emotional, I always end up in tears. It's especially hard to say goodbye to my dad because I don't to see him as often as my mom. My mom gets to come back in a month so it was almost not like I even had to say goodbye to her, she'll be back probably right when I get the house cleaned up again, ha! But I won't see my dad until Christmas time and by then Everett will be walking and have changed SO much. It stinks. But it is what it is. As we were leaving the airport and I was sad, Emersyn gently reminded me "Mimi and Grandpa might be gone but God is ALWAYS in our hearts". Out of the mouths of babes. My precious Emersyn has such a sensitive spirit towards the Lord. I can't wait to see how that develops as she grows up.
Mimi treated Ems and I to mani/pedi's....Emersyn's first!!!

I was feeling VERY refreshed after my spa afternoon! Thanks Mom!

 We'll miss Grandpa....and his gold card! See how Ems is holding it with a look of victory on her face, ha ha! :)

 We've been having a lot of fun at weddings these past two weekends....they make for a great date night! Dinner and dancing, whoo hoo!

After my parents left we went right to a wedding, then home for an hour while Brett got a hair cut and I fed our kids and ironed a shirt for him, then off to drop the kids off at Brett's parents, to another wedding, then home late. Sunday we helped teach in Emersyn's class (which was too cute) and then went home for a few hours. Kids took naps, I went to the store, and then we went to a picnic with some old friends for a few hours.

These girls were some of my very best friends in high school. We've known each other since we met in elementary school at our church. :) The picture on top is when we were around 19 I think.

 It was fun but BUSY weekend. Today I was dragging this morning and refused to get out of bed until I absolutely had to. Brett left for work and I stayed in bed, letting Emersyn play with my phone until Everett woke up. Everett's been teething and having rough nights so I think he decided to sleep in this morning to get caught up on sleep and didn't get up unti nearly 10am, which never happens! It was great and made for a lazy start to our day which I'm normally not a fan of but today I embraced it. We ran some errands and then came home for lunch and naps. This afternoon I need to start cleaning up the mess that comes from having 4 adults and two kids in one small space for almost two weeks. Ems has VBS for the next three nights at her preschool and I'm going to be getting ready for a listing presentation tomorrow night (yay for real estate business and referrals!). Tomorrow Ems has a friend over for the day, I babysit my sweet little toddler guy Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday Ems friend is back for another day. (Her mom is out of town). It's going to be a busy week but it's all leading up to.......A NIGHT AWAY WITH MY HONEY!!!! I am giddy excited!!!

 Finally got these picture ledges up and decorated. Brett and I tend to be paralyzed by the need for perfection and finally I said enough is enough. I picked super random already printed pictures from a photo box and it turned out great I think!

 A super creative friend of mine made this for me. We like to exchange favors. :) 

Here's to the week going by quickly so I can rest and relax at the beach with my man this weekend! :)

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MiMi said...

We had such a great time with you, Brett and our Grandbabies!
You are the Hostess of the year! Thank you for always being so accommodating!!!
Loved all the meals you prepared for us! They were made with LOVE!!!!
Other than visiting with you, Brett and enjoying Jenny and David too, you know we were so Blessed by Emersyn and Everett! Their hugs, kisses, smiles melted our hearts constantly!
Love how Emmy came and woke us up every morning! Really didn't matter what time either! Just seeing that smiling face every day got our day off to such a great start!
Thank you letting us get up Everett every morning. His smile also was such a pleasure to start the day!!!
We Love you Honey and appreciate everything you do for us!!!!
Mom and Dad / Mimi and Grampa