Thursday, March 29, 2012


If we didn't have such a wonderful community of family in friends here in Oregon, I would so say "peace out" to this beautiful state. The beautiful days are indeed beautiful and the sunshine truly penetrates my heart with joy. However, the beautiful days are too few and far between. I've never had the whole seasonal depression but this year I'm starting to go a bit crazy. You would too if this was your news report....

Not only is it rainy, but it's COLD.

Last week was kind of bizarre. On Thursday we woke up to snow! Emersyn's preschool was cancelled which started her spring break early.

The very next day it was in the mid 60's and beautiful!!! I was a very happy girl. So was Emersyn. I just wish she were more confident in front of the camera. ;)

Everett is kind of indifferent to the weather. He's good either way. :)

This concludes the most boring post ever. I just had to vent about the rain as I sit and look at the gray skies outside. Dara, I am truly happy for you as I know that this is your favorite weather. However, I feel sorry for the rest of us!

P.S. Despite the weather, I'm super stoked to be seeing "The Hunger Games" tonight!!!!!


MiMi said...

NOT boring!!
Always love to hear about what the the Grandbabies are up too. And of course their darling pictures!
Love you all

Melissa said...

That is crazy that it snowed & then was in the 60's! Our weather is always changing like that but never with snow. ;) Recently it had been in the 80's & then all of a sudden it was 50. What the heck!

Today has been GORGEOUS but i left work & driving home noticed that the sky in front of me was blue but above, behind & on both sides of me it was DARK GRAY. And Sheet lightning. CREEPY!

Dara Wills said...

Ha! You know I do love it cold, but I've had enough of the rain, it makes it so hard to get anywhere! If it could just be cold and clear I'd love it.