Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sacramento Trip!

Everett chillin' on his first flight!

This past weekend we had a wonderful time in Sacramento visiting with family. It was so much fun to introduce Everett to everyone and seeing Emersyn interact.

We stayed with my Uncle John and Auntie Marti. They had a room for us to stay in and for Emersyn to stay in, which worked out great. All of us sleeping in one room is a bit of a challenge at her age. They were so hospitable and welcoming; I felt totally comfortable and at home. Emersyn was comfortable right away too, despite not knowing them very well and would wake up in the mornings and enjoy juice and donut holes with John and Marti. So cute. My uncle is a great cook too so we scored in that regard, ha! Ems favorite thing to do there was play outside and color with Auntie Marti.

Can't beat playing in the sunshine in your jammies first thing in the morning!

There's lots of family for us to see in Sacramento since my dad's entire side of the family lives there. We got to see my favorite cousin and her two kids. I remember when she came to visit my family when she had just had her son Jordan. I think he was 3 or 4 weeks old at the time. Now he's a senior in high school and almost 18. Wow. Joslyn, her daughter, is a freshman and Ems just loved playing with her. She's great with kids.

We took pictures with my cousins outside of "The Fountain's" in Roseville. I kid you not, I felt seriously under dressed. There were women there that could have stepped out of the Real Housewives on a Sunday afternoon with their kids and stilettos, skin tight jeans and diamond rings the size of golf balls. It was a cultural experience for us Oregonians. ;)

Seriously, how adorable is my bare footed son????

Ems looked pretty fab in her jean skirt and fake Uggs. :) We were SO grateful for the warm weather! When we arrived in Sacramento we had In'N'Out for lunch and ate outside!!!! We were in heaven!

Last winter before I announced that I was pregnant my Auntie Marti totally saw this baby boy golf outfit and thought she needed to get it for me. She brushed the thought aside and then a week later, I called to tell her I was pregnant and sure enough, it was a boy. Isn't this golf outfit adorable???

Everett meeting his Great Grandma Inglis

Emersyn, Everett and Great Auntie Debbie having fun in Grandma Inglis' yard

I have many fond memories of frolicking in my grandparents yard when I was a kid and I couldn't wait to see Emersyn have the same fun. Their yard isn't nearly as magical as it once was since my grandparents have slowed down a bit due to my grandpa's recent illness. It's still an amazing place to be though and I loved seeing my daughter running around it.

Emersyn was a little camera shy. Hard to imagine, right?

On Monday we headed into San Francisco for a little family getaway, just the four of us. I had never been across the Golden Gate bridge so we decided that we must make that a destination. We stopped at an old military base on the North end of the bridge to get some pictures and take in the incredible views.

One of the highlights of the entire trip was watching Brett wear my sweater wrap out of frozen desperation. He only wore a tshirt, not thinking of how much colder it is in San Fran versus inland. It was HILARIOUS watching him put it on. It didn't look near as funny when he had Everett on the front of him but without the Baby Bjorn it was ridiculous looking, ha ha.

Having fun in the old military quarters.

The kids fell asleep right as we crossed the Golden Gate bridge so we got to drive around the crazy San Francisco metropolitan area and see the sights.

The kids across the street from the "Full House" houses. We froze our hineys off played at the park across the street from these houses!

My kiddos got spoiled by my aunts and uncle, just like I used to be when I was a kid! So sweet and so fun.

This was a cute town that my dad used to go to when he was a kid. It's kind of like Enchanted Forest in Oregon, only flat and was cuter.

I found an E for Emersyn!

Emersyn and Everett with Uncle John and Auntie Marti, our gracious hosts for the week.

Our last activity before we left on Wednesday was taking a little tour of houses that my family has lived in. I saw a house that my great great grandma lived in, saw the house my grandma was born in, the house my dad was born in....all within a pretty close vicinity of each other! It was so special seeing those houses.

We got a crazy good deal on airfare this past Thanksgiving weekend...we're going to try to make that an annual tradition. So thankful for loving family to spend time with and enjoy sharing my kiddos with. We miss you all already!!!!


Melissa said...

I love these pictures! Glad y'all had a great time!

Kristi said...

love the pictures. sounds like such a fun trip. and i totally laughed about the flat comment regarding enchanted forest. so true.