Monday, March 26, 2012

I love an excuse for appetizers!

Last weekend Brett and I helped my in-laws paint their living room before they hosted a bunco party last night. My mother-in-law gets really stressed about entertaining and I love it. (Love entertaining, not the fact that it stresses her out, ha! I had to change that once I re-read this) The only part about entertaining that stresses me out is getting my house clean enough but I never worry about the food. When I asked June what she was making for food she had no idea and I could tell she was kind of anxious over it. So I decided to take over the project of food and this is what I made:

These were REALLY yummy and I want to make them again soon. I made them on the smaller side but I'd like to make them a little bigger so there is a bigger surface area for the yummy garnish on the top. I'm obsessed with avocados as of late.

Source: via Patti on Pinterest

I made these slightly different then the recipe called for but by mistake. You were supposed to use egg roll wrappers and I used won tons. I am glad I made the error though because the won ton wrappers were the perfect size for an appetizer. If you wanted to serve this as an actual salad then the egg roll wrapper would be more ideal. I also added slivered almonds and a mandarin orange to these. I also bought a chinese chicken salad dressing instead of fussing with making one from scratch.

These were a big hit too and very easy to make ahead of time. I served them with ranch. Next time I'd make a homemade ranch sauce to serve with it to fancy it up.

It was fun helping my mother-in-law out. She does so much for us by watching our kids whenever we need it and that is priceless. She watched my kids a lot when I was super busy with my church's retreat too so I feel like I can't repay her enough, even though I know she doesn't expect it.

Let me know if you try any of these pins! :)

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Sherrie said...

Yummo! Those all look amazing. Especially the first one :). ~S