Thursday, April 24, 2008

21 weeks!

I am officially into my 5th month of pregnancy. So exciting! I have started feeling her swimming around in my tummy. Nothing defnitive like a punch or a kick but definitely something rumbling around. It is fun I had a meeting at work today and spent much of it just enjoying feeling her movement, hee hee.

We ordered our crib this week!! We ordered it from Pottery Barn Kids, with my discount which is sure coming in handy! I am so glad they only make me work like once a month maybe!

This is the crib:We can't wait to get it all set up in her nursery. This is her bedding that we are going to go with:

Right now, the bedding is backordered. I am praying that it comes in soon, I am so in love with this pattern, I just hope it all works out okay! I think we are going to paint her room a green color and do lots of pink accents. I love pink!! I like the lighter and the more bright pink birds on the quilt too.

Have a good weekend!!

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Sarah said...

Oh! I LOVE those colors and material. Hmm...we might have similar colors in our nursery if it is a girl. :) That is awesome that you get a discount at Pottery Barn. That little girl will be the stylish one in town!