Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Emersyn's 5 Year Letter

To my dearest Emersyn Grace...also known as Emmy Lou, Emmy Lou Whoo, Lou Lou Magoo, Lucy, Lucy Lou, Ems, Sissy, Sister Bear....{did I miss any? there's definitely a Lou theme going here},

I was looking over this sadly neglected blog and realized that I owed you a letter for your 5th birthday!! Better late than never, right?

You are my sweet little angel girl, the best of your mama and sometimes the worst of her too. I marvel watching you with your brother and am so impressed with the loving, nurturing and caring big sister that you are. You protect him like a mama bear and he often runs to you for comfort when he hurts himself or needs extra lovin's. You are so helpful to me with Everett, always quick to help me when we get home from somewhere and I need to unload groceries or will take Everett upstairs to get him ready for nap and read him stories. You make sure he has water in his sippy cup, you will sacrifice what you are watching to change it to something he likes are a giver. This morning you were looking at a scrap book kit that you got from Santa at Noni's house on Christmas Eve.....a scrap book kit that you told your Sunday school was your favorite gift from Christmas. You got a wistful look on your face and said, "I think I'm going to give this to someone". I asked you why and you said, "I just like giving more than getting". Oh sweet girl, this made your mama's heart burst with thankfulness. You really get it sister....I'm so so proud to be your mama.


You love your babies something fierce. Hair Baby is your beloved daughter and you recently acquired Dora, a present from Nana. You are equally hardcore with Dora and sometimes it makes me a little crazy how intense you are! We can't leave until you get your babies dressed, you get mad if I'm loud upstairs when they are sleeping, you give me very long detailed instructions when you ask me to babysit and then quiz me afterwards (I wish I was kidding), you refer to me as Grandma when you talk to the dolls....oh Ems, you are just too silly. I love how nurturing you are and I have to think that you are modeling behavior you must have seen somewhere, maybe in the way I treat you and your brother. Oh the desire of my heart is to be a mama worth modeling after!


Your imagination is amazing! The world is one big Starbucks or restaurant to you....not a day goes by where you don't take my order and bring me food from your play kitchen. You are hilarious with the way you play server and you know far too much about being a waitress than any other 5 year old I know. Perhaps we eat out too much? :)

You are an incredible helper. You realize that if you want to hang out with Mommy instead of having quiet time upstairs, you need to be a helper. You can totally help me clean up the downstairs, you put away all of the plastic dishes and cups, you empty the silverware tray, you bring me your dirty laundry, you can sweep and dust better than your dad (ha!) and it's a joy to work along side you when we're cleaning up the downstairs together. Cleaning up your room is more of a challenge because like your mama, you get distracted VERY easily. :)


You love to *be healthy*. Your favorite foods (as of right now, I just asked you) are pistachios, cheese and crackers, cucumbers, carrots and broccoli. Not bad for a 5 year old. I sometimes offer you a snack and you say, "can I have something a little healthier"? You have amazing self stop eating when you're full, even if there's half a bowl of ice cream left. Your Nana took you to a movie last week and I packed you a few special treats to enjoy while watching. Nana got you an ice cream before the movie and you only finished half of it, saying that I had packed you some treats and you didn't want to eat too much sugar. You are amazing little girl!!


You are doing so well in school! You are in Kindergarten at your preschool and then will go to Kindergarten again in public school. Because of your age, your preschool wanted you to be in the Kinder class and your daddy and I prayed about it and agreed. This will hopefully give you a great advantage in Kindergarten next year. We call this year Preschool Kindergarten and next year it will just be Kindergarten. You love all the projects that you come home with and you are a delight in your class.

Oh Ems, there are a million things I could say about you and I will try to be better about updating. But more than that, I will try to tell you out loud all that I love about you each day and have you grow up knowing that I am your biggest fan in life.

You are brave, strong, hilarious, kind, loving, nurturing, you love the Lord with all your heart, you can sing on pitch {for the most part}, you're helpful, sweet, beautiful and I'm so so so glad you're mine.



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