Thursday, April 18, 2013


I used to consider myself a blogger. However, as I've increased the human {and dog} population of my home, the blog posts have become far and few between. See the picture above for proof in case you were doubting me. That is, if this blog still even has any readers!

Working outside the home definitely afforded me the luxury of time. And I found myself being more intentional about my time spent reading and pouring into my own life. I tend to do much better when given short snippets of time, rather then an entire day. One thing I enjoyed about blogging so much was the challenge of coming up with content. New recipes, life lessons, fun motivation! But now as the days are longer yet with less time (funny how that works), I find myself having little to blog about other than the usual stay at home mom stuff, "did laundry today, these kids are driving me nuts, could my house BE any messier" which translates to BO-RING!

I recently read a book by the author of the BigMama blog. The book was fantastic, I would recommend it! She's hilarious, witty, and super pleasant to read with some great spiritual lessons tied in here and there. Once upon a time, my blog might have been described the same way. Not nearly in the same magnitude, I mean, this blogger is extremely well written and HI-LARIOUS. But whenever I re-read certain blog posts from the past I think, that girl was fun...where did she go? Or even, that girl had insight.....I wish she'd come around again.

So, as I head into what's left of Spring and into the Summer, I long to revive this blog and I know that starts with creating content. In the wake of certain tragedies that have happened around our nation as of late, I always think about what my children would think about me should I pass away today. I feel like this blog is a glimpse into my soul at times and if the Lord chooses to take me sooner versus later, I would sure love to have documented some things about life and the blessings that God has shown me for my children to enjoy someday.

I have had a bit of a tough winter. I think for the first time I was actually affected by a little seasonal depression. I really need to increase my vitamin D intake. I can pep talk myself with the best of them but this has been more than just a, shake it off sister sort of thing. Because of that depression, I've fallen into a bit of a pity party about how hard life is with littles, how hard it is to stay on track with weight loss when you're so busy taking care of everyone else, the plight of being a working mom from home with no space to call my own truly, etc. But bottom line, as much as my body needs Vitamin D, even more so my soul needs the Son. {Yes, that just happened, ha ha ha....Jon Acuff would be so proud of that Jesus Juke}. No really life won't be enriched simply by trying new recipes to blog about. I want more than than. I want content. I want significance. I want to write something profound that my daughter will copy and past and retweet, so proud of her mother's wisdom. I want a challenge!

So with that said, hopefully you'll be hearing more from me. That is, if anyone is still reading. :)


Vanessa said...

Me! I'm still reading! Right here by you, my friend! Loves! xo

sister sheri said...

I am still interested and reading! I think bloggers influence and inspire other bloggers to put their thoughts out there. Iron sharpens iron!