Friday, January 11, 2013

Everett: 15 month update

Last Friday was Everett's slightly belated 15 month appointment. that I do the math, it was super belated. He'll be 17 months in January so I guess this was his 16 month appointment technically.

My sweet boy weighed in at 25lbs, 4 oz (52nd percentile) and was 32.5 inches long (76th percentile) and his noggin is right on track for being huge at 49cm (88th percentile). I looked back and saw that Emersyn weighed around 24lbs at this age so he's just a little bigger then his big sis.

I was looking at past blog posts and was saddened that I was SO good at documenting Emersyn's life. It's so fun to look back and read! However, I know this is a common story among the second born child but still, it challenges me to do better!

Fun facts about Everett at this age:

*He goes to bed around 8-8:30 and wakes up between 7:30-8:30, usually around 8. Emersyn was a hoarder and slept with 10 blankets and 15 stuffed animals in her crib (once she was a toddler and it was safe to do this of course) and Everett refuses to sleep with anything in his crib except a blanket or two and his gloworm. I have tried to get him to bond with this sweet little puppy dog and every time I put him in the crib, I find him chucked across the room the next morning. It's kind of hilarious to me. Also, Everett won't sleep with socks on so I find those thrown out of the crib as well. 

*He loves music. His favorite song is "You Can't Stop the Beat", the Glee version. It starts out really slow and then there's this, "5,6,7,8" part that kicks the beat into fast mode and Everett can hardly contain himself during this part. He starts doing his crazy riverdance feet and screaming and laughing. Oh, it makes my heart so happy. And whenever we turn on the music, he goes digging around in the toys looking for a microphone.

*He loves playing with his sister and adores her. Whenever Emersyn sings Everett claps and cheers when she's done. They play really well, although Everett is starting to hold his own lately. Emersyn can't just do her big sister toy jacking anymore, Everett knows what's up and won't stand to have toys stolen out of his hands anymore!

*His favorite toy is probably his beep beep, what we call his little ride on Toy Story car/walking toy. He tears around with it through the house and seems to appreciate the speed he is able to attain on our hardwood floors.

*Speaking of hardwood floors, these have been kind of tough on Everett. It seems like everyday he has a red spot on his head from crashing on the floors. :/

*Favorite foods: any kind of sweet bread, particularly the pumpkin bread from Starbucks; apples, bananas, waffles, beans, crackers, mac and cheese w/peas, cheese, oatmeal, blueberries, bagels, spaghetti and meat sauce. He seems to be pickier then I remember Emersyn being at this age.

*He loves our kitty and is always chasing after her saying, "kee kee....kee kee".

*Everett doesn't have too many words yet. His sister speaks for the two of them just fine though, which I think could be why Everett isn't in any hurry to speak. He does say mama, dada, kee kee, num num (for food), bah bah (bottle or milk) and gah (again).

*He loves banging on things. Everything is a hammer or drum and you enjoy the new wood floors that make lots of noise when you bang on them. (tell me again, why did we do wood floors?? ha ha) I see a future drummer in our future.

*He are the happ happ happiest baby in the world. Yes, he cries and throws fits sometimes but most of the time he's laughing and giggling like it's the best day ever. I get so many compliments on how handsome he is and I can't help but agree. He is SO handsome, I can hardly stand it. I love his little Shrek teeth and sweet little grin.

*He is a TOTAL mama's boy.....and I LOVE it!!! I am by far his favorite person in the world, though he does love his daddy too. But when he sees me come into a room he comes running with the biggest smile ever and usually a ear blasting scream. I am so so thankful for my boy. 

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MiMi said...

When we are there he does say "Mimi and Grampa too!
Of course our heart melts each time!!!