Monday, August 11, 2014

August 2014 : A comeback?

So.....I'm back? Okay, given my past history this is probably not an entirely accurate statement. But I'd like it to be. Blogging to me conjures up happy feelings. I read blog posts from the past and think, "that lady was such a fun mom". Now that I'm somewhat out of the *honeymoon phase* of parenting, it's more of an effort to enjoy my children and not let the mundane overtake me. Is that bad to say? It's how I feel though. Yes, I love and adore my children but motherhood isn't always as enjoyable as it once was. Not the part that involves them as tiny humans.....more the part that involves wiping bums, cleaning up after messes, listening to bickering, etc.  Man, this makes me sound so jaded.....just keepin' it real because it's my blog and because I can.

Life has changed a lot over the past few months and without going into every single detail, here are a few highlights: 

*I'm basically working full time as a Realtor and still am very much a full time mama. My kids aren't in childcare unless I'm working during the day or having appointments. Most of my work happens on evenings and weekends which you'd think would work well because that's when Brett is off but since he's a full time student, this makes for an interesting season of life. We committed to being 100% faithful to God in our finances in 2014 and I'm beyond thrilled to tell you that God honors this kind of faithfulness. I am having my best year EVER in real estate. Like ever. Like better than in 2005 when everyone had their best year in real estate. I am humbled and overwhelmed! The deals just keep coming and I love it. I work hard and don't take my job lightly. 

*At the end of the month Emersyn will be 6 and Everett will be 3. I need to update you on their little personalities but I'll save that for their birthday letters. I feel like we are in a different season for sure, out of baby land and into bigger kid/preschooler land. 

*We are completely unsure of what we're doing for Emersyn's school this year. The neighborhood school that she is supposed to go to is unacceptable and we did request a transfer to another elementary school but won't find out if it's approved or not until the end of the month. As in the week before school starts. {Ugh} We are also on a waiting list for a charter school that is a short list but you usually don't find out until after school has started because then the school knows for sure which kids have actually showed up versus who registered but didn't show. I think I'm leaning towards doing an online curriculum in the interim and crossing my fingers for the charter school. If that doesn't work out, then our next best bet is to.....

*MOVE! We are hoping to move next year! We'll probably start looking for houses in January/February. We aren't in a huge hurry and have a pretty specific list of what we do and don't want. I'm very thankful to be able to act as my own Realtor....pretty sure I would drive anyone else crazy!! The most exciting factor of moving is being able to give our kids a yard to play in. They need it and so do we. For my friends that don't live in the northwest, yards here can be TINY or even non existent. We have an urban growth boundary that makes it so housing is very dense. My yard is very small, I think it's like 10 x 20? Moving is another factor that puts Emersyn's school seemingly up in the air. The good thing, it's only Kinder. She is a bright girl and I know she'll thrive in whatever environment she ends up in. We are in a position to keep our house as a rental and actually make some money so at least we won't have to deal with selling it, just need to find clean tidy tenants. :) 

Okay, that's a little update......hopefully I'll be able to jump back on this bandwagon and have something worth reading again. :) Next up, kids birthday letters!!

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